Side x Side Bump Seats

Most people get a side x side to have an adventure, those with a family typically will buy a 4 seater so the entire family can share in the adventure. What do you do if your kids are still quite small? Well manufacturers in the UTV market came up with a perfect solution, well 2 actually in the form of a jump seat and a booster seat.

The idea behind a bump seat is similar to some trucks where the center console moves up to create a 3rd seating position in the front seat. For UTVs these bump seats are positioned between the 2 front seats. To ensure your kid’s safety they are also equipped with harnesses. If you originally bought a 2 seat side x side and now have a child, a bump seat is the perfect option for you!

This example shows you how a bump seat attaches to keep your little one safe.

Side x Side Booster Seats

Booster seats are a great way to take smaller children with you in the normal seating positions. Some come in the form of what is called a “kid cushion”, and the other form is an actual booster seat. Because of its simplicity the kid cushion is priced lower than the booster seat, so it’s best to see what will work better in your application. Another thing that might be an advantage of the kid cushion is there is no installation required, you simply place it in your seat, set your kid on it and buckle them in.

Both of these options make it so you can have fun with the entire family no matter how small your children are.