Never Get Stuck with a Dead Battery Again

You just bought a new Side x Side, you go online and start shopping for accessories (most likely at UTV Race Worx) for things like lights, lighted whip flags, communications, stereos, and maybe even a helmet pumper. All these items draw a ton of power from your electrical system.

Now your new ride is built, you’re out having fun in it, hanging out at the dunes, the stereo is blasting, your lighted whips are on, and you think life is great! Then your stereo starts cutting out. You go to start your side x side and “click, click, click” the dreaded sound of a dead battery. Yes some people actually carry jumper cables with them and can get a jump from a buddy, but now there is a smaller more convenient way to get back on the road.

TOP RATED Lithium Jump-Starter Portable Power Supply

Antigravity Batteries is known for their small lithium batteries that pack a ton of power in a tiny package. Now Antigravity Batteries makes a small unit, a bit bigger than a smart phone that packs enough power in it to actually jumpstart a V-8 truck engine.

Antigravity Batteries’ new Micro-Start jump packs are truly amazing. There is so much technology built into these tiny jump packs, yet are so easy to use. Their most popular model the XP-10 Micro-Start is just 9 x 3 x 1.25 inches and can fit in your glove box or door bag for whenever you find yourself with a dead battery.

Along with jump starting your side x side it’s also capable of charging other electronic items like your cell phone, a GoPro even a laptop.

The XP-10 Micro-Start comes with a ton of accessories and it’s all housed in a small case to keep everything together.

Micro-Start power supplies are extremely lightweight and compact making it easy to take everywhere. So small it fits in your hand yet so powerful it can jump-start DIESEL vehicles up to 7.3L, as well as Gas engines.

Carrying a Micro-Start jump pack with you is cheap insurance that no matter where you are you can be assured you’re getting back to camp.

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