Part of the appeal of riding a Side x Side is the open air feeling with the wind in your face as you head to your favorite spots to ride. For us in the West it is the best time to ride since the Summers can be unbearable. Even in the deserts of the South West is can get pretty cold while out riding so we’ve come up with this guide to help you stay warm and enjoy your ride even more!

Side x Side Windshields

Adding a windshield to your UTV is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enjoy riding during the winter. Blocking the wind from hitting you head on helps you stay warm.

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Side x Side Cab Enclosures

Going beyond a windshield, you might want to invest in a complete cab enclosure. These are mostly found on non-sport UTVs, but if you also use your UTV for work, it can make your time at work more enjoyable.

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Side x Side Cab Heaters

For those of you that live in extremely cold climates, how about a cab heater? Cab heaters are easy to install, and some even include vents to defrost your windshield.

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Staying Warm While Riding in the Winter

Being able to stay warm while riding, some might call a luxury, but why not? We enjoy these creature comforts in our cars and trucks, why not in our Side x Sides? Adding some simple mods like even a windshield can make your winter riding that much better!