Today in the shop we have our personal 2016 RZR XP Turbo and we are going to install the Rugged Radios M3 Two Person Air Pumper System with (2) Hoses. What sets this helmet pumper apart from others out on the market is the use of a special built high static pressure fan, so the M3 produces 5 times the pressure and more volume than any other helmet pumper available! I can tell you this things pumps a ton of air.

Yes you can buy a U-Bracket from Rugged Radios and it will work great in most applications. We found that a bit of work was involved with where we wanted to mount our pumper if we used this bracket.

Then we came across the CSD RZR XP Fresh Air Pumper Mount. This literally took 10 minutes for us to install our M3 pumper. What makes this install so easy is the mount was designed to use three bolts already on the rear wall of our RZR.

Then we used the provided socket head bolts we got with the M3 kit to install the pumper into the CSD Racing bracket.

Next we had to run the wiring for the pumper up to the firewall, and we decided the best way was to run it through the center console of the RZR. So we drilled a small hole just below where we mounted it.

Added a grommet and covered the wire in loom, so it’s protected.

Once we had it all wired up, we re-installed the seats and harnesses and here is the finished product.

One of the most overlooked features of this mount is since it mounts to a wide footprint it is better able to handle the weight of the M3 pumper. This ensures you won’t have any problems no matter how rough the terrain is you ride on. CSD Racing has proven its design in the ultimate proving grounds, Desert Racing, on their CSD prepped racing UTVs, and its held up without issue.

As you can see the CSD Racing pumper mount made this install very easy, no custom fabrication, you can do this in your home garage in minutes. Get one for yourself and see!

We carry all the parts and accessories for the Rugged Radios M3 Helmet Pumper kit including replacement filters, hoses, caps, and variable speed controllers.