From Agency Power, Force Turbos, MBRP, Magnaflow & HMF

Stock exhaust systems are not known for their power, so adding an aftermarket exhaust for your Side X Side can help pull more power out of your motor. Side X Side manufacturers might have to go the route of under-performing exhausts to meet EPA restrictions, or maybe it is a cost thing that keeps them producing a powerful exhaust kit, we can only guess.

Here’s a list of every high-performance exhaust system, both slip-on and full, available for the Polaris RZR, CanAm X3, Honda Talon, and Yamaha YXZ 1000.

Agency Power

Agency Power offers complete exhaust systems as well as slip-on mufflers.

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Force Turbos

Force Turbos makes UTV exhausts, from slip-on to full turbo back systems for Can-Am and Polaris side by sides.

All Forced Turbo Exhausts


After nearly 40 years of engineering and performance exhaust development in the automotive space, MagnaFlow is redefining UTV sound with a new system for the Can-Am Maverick X3. Dyno proven to increase performance with max power gains up to +5.5 hp and +4 lbf-ft and peak power gains up to +3 hp and +2.6 lbf- ft of torque.

Utilizing 3D scanning and CNC precision manufacturing, the new Can-Am Maverick X3 cat-back is made with stainless-steel and finished with a heat-resistant black ceramic coating.

MBRP Exhaust

MBRP Powersports redefines performance. One look at the impressive data and aggressive design is enough to see that the MBRP exhaust systems are some of the most extreme exhausts available, built to withstand tough conditions from the race track to backcountry and trail riding.

All MBRP Exhausts

HMF Exhaust

The sound of an HMF exhaust is best described as a deep, aggressive sound that fattens up the overall tone of the machine. They manufacture exhaust series that have a specific volume output, making HMF one of the most versatile off-road exhausts on the market.

All HMF Exhausts

Not only does a new side x side exhaust kit help squeeze extra horsepower out of your UTV, but it also brings a certain growl we all want when we hit the gas pedal.

Along with a quality exhaust, you may want to consider adding a tuner to your ride, and get even more power, and it’s the easiest way for your friends to eat your dust!