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WSRD Terminator Intercooler | Ski-Doo 900ACE Turbo


WSRD and C&R have collaborated yet again on another killer intercooler option for the Can-Am market! This time we present you with a factory bolt-on replacement unit for your 2019 and 2020 Ski-Doo 900ACE Turbo sleds!

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BD-X Stainless Turbo Back Exhaust System | Ski-Doo


The turbo back exhaust system that makes real performance gains! The shorty muffler that attached to the stock mid pipe was originally tested and found that it made no gains at all! The stock mid pipe is too restrictive.
WSRD tested this exhaust system against other advertised HP numbers and found that this exhaust is indeed picking up roughly 7HP at the track! 
A great addition to any sled paired with WSRD tuning!

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STM P-Drive Clicker Cam Arm Set | 2022 Ski-Doo 900ACE


WSRD’s solution for big power clutch system support for your 2022 Ski-Doo Mach Z and Turbo R!

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WSRD Tailstander Clutch Weights | Ski-Doo 900ACE


Introducing WSRD’s clutch weight solution for the GEN4 Ski-Doo Turbo 900ACE designed for a stronger top end pull while reducing clutch/belt temperatures.These clutch weights feature a PEEK bushing for superior durability making these the longest lasting weights on the market. These fit all P-Drive clutch equipped models, focused on working well with the stock springs, helix and gearing, requiring no additional changes. The 75G base clutch weight is designed for modified engines, working beautifully with the WS180 and WS185 Stock Injector Tunes.  

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TPR Billet Fuel Rail | Pro R


TPR Industry is happy to release their billet fuel rail for a the Polaris Pro R!

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Whalen’s Speed RTD Flash Device | Can-Am X3 & Polaris RZR


The next generation of control coming soon!

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KWI Clutching RZRX302 Clutch Kit | Polaris Pro R


Completely redesigned adjustable clutch weight and spring kits offering substantial performance gains that can be used and are interchangeable with any of the following models.

2022+ RZR PRO R / PRO R 4
2020+ RZR PRO XP / PRO XP 4

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WSI CNC Ported Throttle Body | Polaris Pro R


**This modification requires a tune for proper control.**The WSI 68mm ported throttle body offers a 20% increase in area at the throttle plate, and overall an even larger increase as we have greatly modified and smoothed the airpath.As we are always looking for improvements, we noticed the throttle body seemed to be very restrictive. We 3D scanned the factory throttle body, digitized the OEM air path, went to work with MasterCam, found the largest possible diameter throttle plate that will fit, and went to work with our 5-Axis Centroid CNC to port the complex shape into the throttle body. It is much more than a simple bore, we focused on keeping an OEM like shape to control airflow past the throttle plate with throttle position to make sure that it will have an OEM like feel in all modes and conditions, while still having a huge increase in airflow, throttle response, and power.

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